Offshore Maintenance

Rig remedial, Offshore Rope Access.

RAI’s team in the Middle East performing rig remedial and inspection services.

Maintenance and inspection of oil, gas and marine assets is of utmost importance. Since the 1960’s numerous semi-submersibles, platforms and jack-ups have been lost due to poor maintenance and inspection.

Rope Access Inspection (RAI) is offering our clients a cost effective solution to an age old problem: “How to maintain productivity, increase profits, increase safety, increase the life time of the asset, while saving costs”

RAI uses a specialized method of access to work at height locations, and is an IRATA member company.

Services for oil, gas and marine installations worldwide include the following:

  • Pre and post maintenance Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • FPSO Maintenance, Hook up and Riding crews.
  • Structural modification.
  • Grinding, Cutting and Fitting.
  • Bolt torque, tension & change out.
  • Cable Tray replacement and installation.
  • Overboard work.
  • Aerial Rigging (including dis-assembling and welding of piping and steelwork, Hook Up and Commissioning Rigging Assistance).
  • Coating removal and re-application.
  • Assisting with insulation removal and re-application.
  • Safety Systems Installations.