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Welcome to the first article from Rope Access Inspection CC, Cape Town, South Africa.

We are dedicated to information and training in the industry, with the following articles, we will explore common knots and rigging variations used in industrial rope access today. These articles are aimed at new & old rope access, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), rigging and trade technicians wanting to get a better understanding, or just some more information about ropes and rigging.

The first in this series of articles, we will look at termination knots:

The Double Figure-of-Eight:

This knot is one of the most commonly used knot in Rope Access today, it is the IRATA preferred knot for anchor systems / rigging. It is both stronger and easier to undo than the double overhand knot. The knots strengths depends largely on the radius of the first bend where the loaded end of the rope enters the knot.

According the HSE Contract Research Report 364/2001 the Double Figure-of-Eight Knot retains 66%-77% of the rope’s full strength during tests.

Double Figure-of-Eight

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