Drill Tool Inspection

Drill tool and equipment inspections and examinations are carried out, both onshore and offshore, by competent persons appointed by RAI.

Items of equipment to be inspected will include:

  • all items within the Drill Tool equipment register or previous survey report
  • all items of drilling and drilling appliances found on the installation, regardless of inclusion in the register or previous survey report
  • any items requested by the Client Representative which can be realistically tested with the equipment provided by RAI.

According to API RP 8B  and API RP 7L , Equipment Inspection Levels or Categories are divided in four categories as below:

Category I: Visually observe improper function/condition of equipment during normal operation.
Category II: In addition to Cat-01 inspection, visually inspect for corrosion, deformation, loose or missing component, deterioration, proper lubrication, visible crack and adjustment.
Category III: In addition to Cat-I and Cat-II inspection requirements, MPI of exposed critical area may involve part / full dis-assembly of components for access and to identify the wear limits.
Category IV: In addition to Cat III inspection requirements, fully disassemble equipment to carry out MPI of all primary load bearing areas.

With the same categories as Cat III and Cat IV requirements, RAI has classified 3rd party equipment inspections as “Field Inspection” and “Full Inspection”.

Field inspections are equivalent to API Category III type and normally conducted on site with limited interruption of the operations. The purpose of the field inspection is to carry out visual and NDT inspection of exposed critical areas and to identify problems.

Drill Tool Inspection
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