Why Rope Access?

Rope Access Inspection prides itself in working strictly according to IRATA guidelines and standards, and is a IRATA member company.

Industrial Rope Access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in areas of difficult access.

Rope Access was initially developed from techniques used in caving & climbing to answer the need for a simple, safe and effective means of access with its first use being for inspections on the oil and gas platforms of the North Sea.

Rope Access when working to the international standards of IRATA has an incident rate of 1.22-1.45 per 100’000 hours worked on ropes.

IRATA member companies have had ZERO FATALITIES on ropes in 20 YEARS.

As techniques adapted and work solutions increased, rope access also developed onshore taking the form of anything from high rise building and window cleaning to maintenance, repair, geotechnical and inspection work on some of the most impressive and iconic structures around the world.

Why Rope Access?
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