IRATA Rope Access

Hi everyone, it has been a long and successful year for Rope Access Inspection (RAI).

Just a update on the current happenings.

Process facilities / refineries often work 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and the nature of the production plant itself can be a dangerous environment. A significant benefit of using rope access in the oil & gas industry is the rapid deployment and removal of equipment, minimal impact on operations, massive cost saving benefits compared to other access methods and immaculate safety record of IRATA member companies. All of these benefits combined means less time on site, more work done for the time on site and thus saving the client money.

RAI have successfully secured and completed a petrochemical refinery shut down in 2010 without a single incident or injury. This is a testament to the safe working procedures of IRATA International.

The Oil and Gas associations around the world are recommending IRATA companies as the preferred rope access providers for onshore and offshore work.

One example is NOGEPA, the Dutch Oil and Gas Association has announced that it recommends IRATA companies, and the Guidelines they work to, when commissioning rope access work.

Smaller projects are on the go, and once again Rope Access Inspection has 9 personnel on the refinery performing Non-Destructive Testing at height. Having a minimal environmental footprint, IRATA member companies, such as Rope Access Inspection, deliver well trained and supervised experts, that work according the proven Guidelines. Many times these silent warriors go unnoticed, as their work is speedily and efficiently completed.

Rope Access Inspection is able to provide IRATA trained personnel, supervisors and procedures to carry out almost any work at height job onshore or offshore. Small specialized teams are able to mobilize within relatively short time.

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