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Our Training courses are available to companies or the public and is accredited to the highest international or best practise standards

Due to the high incident rate and risk of falling in most industries , RAI has developed this course to meet the legal requirements of most countries

5 Courses

  1. Eskom FAS Rescue
  2. Fall Protection Planner
  3. Basic Fall Arrest
  4. Fall Arrest and Basic Rescue
  5. Advanced Fall Arrest and Rescue

Our International Minimum Industry Safety Training course supports the global Oil and Gas Industry to meet safety initiative targets.

1 Course

Certification to Chapter 7, “Confined Space Rescue” as described in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1006 and according to the South African SAQA Unit Standard 15034 (US: 15034) and Unit Standard: 260139 (US: 260139)

1 Course

IWH approved LNQ course designed to create safe operators for loads up to 150kg

1 Course

This course was designed to equip the equipment controller / Store man with the knowledge to control and inspect work at height Personal Protective Equipment.

1 Course

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