Offshore Maintenance, Eddy Current and Visual Inspection.

Rope Access Inspection (RAI) has just completed an offshore contract, performing Rope Access Maintenance, Eddy Current and Visual inspection on various components of the drilling rig. The three man team was able to mobilize in relatively short time and perform the job without a single incident or accident. RAI prides itself in working strictly according to IRATA guidelines, and is an IRATA Member Company.

The various components inspected were, Lifeboat davits, FRC (Fast Rescue Craft) davit and both the starboard and port side cranes from boom to pedestal. Due to the nature of rope access, the crew approached the RAI technicians and requested that they perform some maintenance on the crane cables. See pictures below

Utilizing the double rope system of IRATA, combined with the expertise of an experienced IRATA Level 3, the use of scaffolding was totally unnecessary and would have cost more time and money.

Should you require any of these specialized services, please feel free to head to our contact page and submit your inquiry.

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