The Trustworthy Scaffolding

Availing rope access services is a safe method to perform critical tasks at abnormal heights. It offers a speedy gateway for workers to reach to difficult work areas. The basic purpose of rope access is to reduce risk by ensuring perfect safety measures. It turns out to be a quick, easy and safe solution, to all the choleric issues pertaining to maintenance and inspection of high-rise structures.

Rope Access South Africa is mature derivative of construction engineering. The safety precautions invited are usage of anchoring bolt and unique fall prevention system. Fall prevention system comprises of a working line and a backup line, each supported by separate anchorage point. The usage of Petzl Shunt or Peztl ASAP in accordance with IRATA regulations has made the task even safer. As an extra precautionary measure, the inspection of tools and equipment is done at regular predetermined intervals. The technicians are well trained and are expertise in their field of operations.

During maintenance, it is very important to identify the places where the fault has occurred or may happen proactively. For high-rise structures, there are many difficulties to conduct the tests and inspections. However, with rope access, several possibilities open up to carry out the inspection. Some of them are visual inspection, ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particle inspection and dye penetration method of inspection. Another advantage offered by rope access is cost effectiveness as the necessity of constructing scaffolding around the building rules out dynamically!

Rope access services offer comprehensive solutions of multiple types. Trained technicians work on the critical locations and help in identifying and rectifying the problems. A pair of technicians is allotted to work supported with independent rope lines. This helps supporting each other in case of emergency. The tools and equipment required for work are fixed on lanyards for easy accessibility and preventing the risk of drop objects. This makes rope access the safest option, in most cases, for any work at height including simultaneous operations.

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