Industries We Serve

RAI has experience in broad field of industries but has, for the last two years specialised in only Refining and Chemical, Oil and Gas and Marine and Shipping.

Refining & Chemical

Having the ability for quick set up and dismantling enables most jobs to be done in half the time compared to conventional methods.

Marine Industry

RAI has the advantage of quick set up, carrying out and disassembly, minimizing disruption to normal operations.

Power Generation

RAI has the necessary experience to offer the Nuclear, conventional and renewable power generation Industry

Oil and Gas

From inspecting oil storage tanks to working at heights of over 100m on stacks, jack up rigs and flare towers,


RAI has the ability to service the industry to an unsurpassed level of professionalism and expertise

Hydro Power

We have the ability to assist owners and operators of Hydroelectric Power dams and Pumped Storage Schemes


RAI’s key strengths is assisting in developing, implementing and enforcing safe work at height practices.

Wind Power

We are able to assist operators and developers of wind farms with a number of services


What People Are Saying

 RAI provides with quality training, they have been very helpful equipping me with the necessary basics in ripe access it is now 3 years and happy to go back to do my level 2 training very shortly. I have attended their evening classes which is relaxed and allows for more critical thinking of how to do a rescue more efficiently and safely. courses would cost between 8k and 10k Zar. RAI also has their experienced trainers work in the industry under different skill sets.

David Cole, Monarch

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