The Easiest Solution to the Toughest Maintenance

Rope Access is a revolutionary solution for managing inspection and maintenance of critical structural locations like high-rise buildings and bridges. These locations are impossible to reach without aerial platforms and scaffolding. Rope Access was popular since the early times, as an inevitable part of mountain climbing and later became the immense need of captious ballgame! Rope Access companies in South Africa adapt to unanimous standard protocol and adhere to the complaisance’s set by IRATA. This makes them safe to perform the immaculate work under the stringent situations of eventual risk and threat to human life. The regular inspection and maintenance of equipment and tools reduces the chances of unwanted incidences to zero possibility.

Rope access offers an economical and reliable solution during inspection and restoration of high-rise structures and monumental architectures. It rather provides a more pertaining and penetrating solution to scaffolding and turn out to be quick, easy and safe method over to other available methods. Apart from usual maintenance like washing and cleaning, there are some major repairs effectively carried out with qualified rope access team. The services catered are property maintenance, general maintenance and installations, ultrasonic inspections, non-destructive testing, magnetic particle inspection, photographic- and visual inspections by professionals. The phenomenon of risk is high during the grind at these high-rise structures; hence their need is even greater.

The successful rope access endeavour depends upon certain parameters like anchor bolting and fall provention system. The anchor bolting is of elephantine importance. The fall prevention system comprises of two rope lines, one working line and the other back up line. In addition, there are unique systems used in accordance with IRATA regulations, offers more security. Thus, IRATA affiliated rope access companies in South Africa offer unanimous solutions to critical drudgery with a blend of technology, knowledge, and safety precautions. These double protection standards enhance the safety operation procedures and limit the risk to human life working at humongous heights!

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