Double Figure-of-eight on the bight (Bunny Ears)

Welcome to the third article from Rope Access Inspection CC, Cape Town, South Africa.

Our hope is that this information can be used in the Industrial rope access industry, and that technicians will read and apply the information.

The third in this series of articles, we are still looking at termination knots:

The Double Figure-of-eight on the bight aka (Bunny Ears)

This knot is useful as it creates two loops that can be used to equalize anchors, as the name suggests it is based on the double figure-of-eight with an adaption to create the loop. These loops can be easily adjusted and equalized, making it a widely used knot for industrial and and caving purposes. This knot can be dressed in a variety of ways, some of which compromise strength.

According the HSE Contract Research Report 364/2001 the Double figure-of-eight on the bight retains 61% – 77% of the rope’s full strength during tests. The knot was found to be strongest if the bight between the two loops is dressed towards the top of the knot.

Double Figure-of-eight on the bight (Bunny Ears)

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