Double Overhand

Welcome to the second article from Rope Access Inspection CC, Cape Town, South Africa.

The second in this series of articles, we are still looking at termination knots:

The Double Overhand Knot:

This knot is easy to make and dress, but unfortunately it is difficult to untie after loading.

This knot is commonly favored for use on rope access harness cow’s tails. The reason for this is that is is easy to tie, easy to adjust, easy to dress and easy to inspect (as daily gear inspection, by the user and supervisor, is a critical part of Industrial Rope Access).

According the HSE Contract Research Report 364/2001 the Double Overhand  Knot retains 58%-68% of the rope’s full strength during tests, this can be compared to the Double Figure-of-Eight 66%-77% breaking strength in test. It is also stated that the knot is up to 10% stronger if the working rope lies above the rope end. (See photo below, this knot can be up to 10% stronger with working rope above loose end)

Double Overhand

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