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Basic Rigging & Lifting

Due to high demand from industry, and a lack of synergy between clients and contractors with regards to Safe Work Practices, RAI felt that a standardized Basic Rigging & Lifting course would sufficiently address this concern.

Who The Course Is For

  1. Technicians in the Telecoms industry that would like to improve their skills, learn new, safe and efficient techniques.
  2. Technicians wanting to join one of the fastest growing industries in Africa.
  3. Companies needing to improve the safety of their staff.
  4. Technicians that would like to utilize industrial rope access equipment to conduct rigging and lifting operations


This course is designed to create safe operators for loads up to 150kg, topics covered are:

  • Full range of rigging and rope access equipment
  • Anchor points (Ground and Aerial)
  • Various types of slings and usage
  • Rigging plates and swivels
  • Connectors
  • Various types of pulleys
  • Rope control (Descenders, Ascenders and Back Up Devices)
  • Ropes, edge protection, guide ropes and tensioned lines
  • Selection, inspection and safe use of all equipment
  • Lifting utilizing mechanical advantage or Electric Powered Winches
  • Friction and Forces in various systems
  • Slinging, Lifting and Lowering add shaped loads (Center of Gravity)
  • Freeboard / Head Room
  • Various Knots and uses


  • 3 days of training including practical aspects and pass / fail assessment
  • Theory and written tests
  • All operators wanting to conduct training will need to have U/S 229995 & U/S 229998 Fall Arrest and Rescue Technician training
  • All operators to wear steel toe shoes for the training


  1. Physically fit
  2. Must be at least 18 years old
  3. Be able to read and write English to NQF level 3
  4. Functioning literacy in English (or African language)


This course qualification is valid for 3 years

3 Years

driaan Louw

Driaan Louw


Born in Cape Town, South Africa. Spent his years growing up in Pretoria, Auckland New Zealand and Colorado, U.S.A. At the age of 18 became an Advanced Freefall Instructor, Freefly Instructor and Canopy Pilot in the Skydiving industry. In 2008 was blessed to be a part of the South African Canopy Piloting team competing at the world champs. Has spent more than 15 years in the rope access, offshore, training, NDT and rescue industries. Achieved IRATA Rope Access Instructor, Fall Arrest and Advanced Rescue Instructor, Constituent Assessor, and Confined Space Entry and Rescue Instructor. Found RAI in 2009 and has never looked back.

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