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Rope Access Inspection (RAI) has just completed an onshore contract, performing Rope Access Corrosion monitoring on an industrial chimney stack in Cape Town. The three man team was able to mobilize in short time and perform the job without a single incident or accident. RAI prides itself in working strictly according to IRATA guidelines, and is an IRATA Member Company.

RAI had to employ some unconventional rigging methods to get the lines rigged over the top of the chimney stack. The combination of one lead sinker, 14 x helium balloons and a lot of patience was the ideal combination.

Once the lines were rigged, the team was able to complete the required job scope, 100% UT thickness gauging on entire stack from top to bottom, including visual inspection of bolts and coating, within half a day.

It was a beautiful day for such a job.

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